Saturday, March 19, 2011

My hood.

  Yeeeah, so we all know we live in our hood called Baldwin Park...and yeeeeah we all know it's pretty ghetto but regardless of that, it's still OUR hood. &sure everyone seperates into this and that, but all of us BP kids seperate into whatever shopping center you're close by.

  Luckily for Mel and I, we're next to the shopping center with Target<3 Sorry for the other side that has to shop at LAWL-mart...anyways.
  As lame as our town is running around with try to hards, and people banging in da streets, I appreciate the good people in our area. Like Target workers, and how I know all their schedules because I'm there too often. Or that cholo working at CVS who doesn't card because he's always high. And Gibby & Andrea from Wingstop who hook us up with wings and fries and drankz and ranch all the time. And David from Starbucks...who traumatized me from going to that Starbucks for a whole fucking year and now he's skinny and knows our drinks! &this is crossing over into Wal Mart territory but there's that beauty supply store called Hans runned by this Asian who helps you out with EVERYTHING! For free :]
  I love our little hood & the great people in it. I know some look down on people from here because of the area but it's not all that bad. Melnutrishion + Murphy + Ernie just want to move out of this town to make our little ol' town proud.  Granted, some people have left BP for college and what not but they're not repping the hood!!! Not everyone from the hood ends up being pregnant before high school or in jail, but really the point of this whole post was to mention something very special...fries from Wingstop. Holy fuck are those fries delicious and addicting ahahaha.
nom nom nommm.
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If you haven't tried them, you're not living life to the fullest :P

P.S. if you're reading this, comment below and tell me what's you're favorite part of BP/or wherever it is you live? Shops? Restaurants?


  1. You forgot to mention Chile cheese fries without meat from Chanos

  2. ahahaah R.I.P P&&Js
    (walmarts side