Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Leave it to the thick mama to neglect this blog for almost 2 years. Ughhhh. A lot has happened and I honestly considered making a post explaining all the juicy details of my failed relationship/engagement but I'm focusing on so much good things lately that bringing up the past is irrelevant now. Maybe on a boring day, I will make a huge ass post about it. Today is not that day.

So anyways, along with being gone for almost 2 years, I've done nothing but gain a bunch of weight. Crazy thing is though, this is the biggest I've been in my entire life. But it's also the most confident and sexiest I've ever felt if that makes any sense? I used to be able to squeeze in to M and L and *gasp* XL.  And although I'd fake being confident, I was the most confident insecure person ever. I would always have a sweater on. I would never show off my arms. I would zoom in on pictures and stare at my "rolls of fat". 
Now, I have to google "plus size" costumes and lingerie and I'm not ashamed at all. This summer, I bought myself a two piece bathing suit. NEVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE would I have pictured be trotting around a water park in a two piece (and no biscuit). And although I got way thicker thighs now that jiggle a lot more, jiggly arms, and no amount of contour can hide the chinny chin chins, I appreciate and love my body so much. I have always been the "funny fat one"and of course I would be named Patty. Fatty Patty. It's weird, as I grow older, and I meet younger people, they always admire the fact that I’m able to laugh at myself and love myself.

I don’t know what prompted me to write this blog tonight. Maybe it’s my last day being 22. After 21, it’s all downhill but in this year, I’ve realized I love myself first. I don’t care if people judge me for wearing clothes not meant for my body type. Because I know I look good in them. And a special somebody loves them on me, and even better off of me ;)

But that’s for a different blog..hehehe.


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Saturday, August 9, 2014