Friday, March 18, 2011

Human Nature

Humans are interesting creatures perhaps the most amazing and fascinating to ever rome this earth. Were selfish, needy, greedy loving, destructive, creative, progressive, etc. I like talking about human nature and how we’ve made this world so fucked up yet beautiful in its unique awkward way, and i think when i speak this way i freak/intimidate others, or they think something is wrong with me. For i have a different point of view or i make others question their lives...Any who yesterday i hung out with two rad dudes (Jules & Zach) who had some +/- vibes. I was able to talk about anything with them & they didn’t judge me as a mad women. We talked about war, society, drugs, religion, art, science, it was an interesting day, the top images are from the yesterday xoxo & live with an open mind! 

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