Saturday, May 25, 2013


I should be marching against Monsanto....but sadly I woke up too late, if you don’t know much about Monsanto or who Monsanto is, get informed! For Monsanto has an effect on us all (for us who eat) check out this website OccupyMonsanto & brows around. 
Here’s todays song of the day which is brought to you by the great King Khannn! Have a adventurous & safe weekend! 

Friday, May 24, 2013


1. Don't be friends on Facebook.
2. Every time you hook up, don't feel special. IT'S JUST SEX.
3. Don't subtweet or post statuses like "him<3" on Facebook.
4. Don't suck his dick unless he eats you out first.
5. If you start catching a feeling, stop the fling, for he is no longer just your "fuck buddy".
6. If you start catching a feeling for someone else, the fling must end as well, only because if the sex is that amazing its gonna be super hard to let it go once you start dating the new guy.
7. Rule number 6 doesn't apply unless you're okay with being a player.
8. Always have fun!!! so if you want to try anything, do it. Never be shy. IT'S JUST SEX, so make it nasty.
9. Always, always. ALWAYS use a condom. Ain't nobody got time for accidents. 
10. If someone tells you "oooh I hear yr fucking _______" remember to DENY IT ALL THE WAY.

Xo. 💋

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Mate Vintages latest lookbook, is so hypnotically styled, & shot. 


Digging Ang Tsherin Sherpa’s brilliant work, they provoke so many thoughts/meanings in my mind. Which encourage my journey to the path of meditation. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I currently have the All Things Must Pass record on repeat! 


Dazed & amazed at these beautiful painted photographs...bravo to the artistic vision of Shae Detar!  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Image by Tomáš Orbán
It occurred to me that were quite silly (human)beings…being a 21st century citizen of the universe and living in American soil, im exposed to loads of media/propaganda, most all garbage, ads everywhere (online, billboards,  newspapers) trying to appeal to me…but what I found silly is that I (we) constantly change or do some routinely ritual procedures to appear a certain way, I dye my hair which is a drag, I wake up and put on my make up, get dressed, paint my nails, all that jazz and I fix my self to “look good” but is it  for me or others….its rare for someone to be naturally gorgeous(without makeup/clothes), or so we are raised to believe, instead we get told what beauty is & how we can obtain it. The media sells us  artificial image of beauty along with loads of products (what is truly beauty).  What if we all just roamed around naked, or altered for a natural approach wouldn’t this be great, instead of focusing on the outer layers of our skin, (how we looked)we would focus on our inner spirit, our inner reality,  figuring out who we really are…our inner fears, dreams, & endless potential to love! 


Heyoka Leathers Spring Summer 2013 collection is so beautifully shot, these images make me wanna hit the waves. 

Monday, May 6, 2013


For anyone who wants to tune into some amazing music check out The Black Angels new(came out last month) full album Indigo Meadow, which is a bloody brilliant album. I’ve had the album on replay all day long, & possibly for the next couple of weeks/months. 


The immense power of photography...& one of Mexico’s finest being Manuel Alvarez Bravo, who being self taught was able to capture so much more than a mere image. The thriving art movements & art production that Mexico experience in the first half of the 20th century is just so sublime.