Friday, June 29, 2012


Todays Song of the day, is a groovy jam from the 60’sss. Enjoy & have an adventures weekend!

Summerreadings: How Strange it is to be Anything at all

I’m not taking any summer classes & work has been uber-slow which accumulates to free time, & reading!!! & with free time in my hands ill do some  summer book reviews up in here. A couple of weeks ago I went to Mime to attend a Zine festival/show with local LA bands performing, and in the movements/set changes of the bands some guy with a Girls T-shirt (the band) would read  passionately from a book, one of his passages captured my attention, with the following words: “Hate your grocer, your postmaster, the local head of the PTA, the pigs, the feds, but most of all those fucking meter maids with the flitzy helmets.” When I heard this I figured this guy was bold….

Any who I didn’t know who he was, figured it was just another LA face. As the night develop some how we ended up having a short conversation in where out  of curiously I asked if he was from SF (since his Girls T said SF) and if he wrote the book he was reading passages from. He said yes to both questions & I became intrigued by his book….yet I lacked the $ to purchase it from him, but at  the end of the night before I departed from the  venue, our paths crossed again & he agreed to let me have his book for $4 (for that’s all I had in my wallet).  

This mysterious guys name is Joe Riley and he’s author of How Strange it is to be anything at all and after reading his book which is a collection of short stories its persuade me want to move out to SF even more! His book was never dull, each page has something interesting and new to say….Most of it being his personal experiences and point of views. Yet I was able to relate with him in many points dealing with our generation and the way most humans act and are…our day to day cycles, and how silly some of the rituals which society implies on us are. Any ways I highly recommend this book especially to those of you in the ages between 17-25 it’s a fun read, jammed packed with themes of life, love, lust, drugs, society, growing up, fucking up. & perhaps Joe Riley writings will also persuade you to venture out and live in San Francisco.   

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


artist Walter Sickert’s art is amazing, some of his paintings reveal heavy influences of  both Monet & Dega.  


 my love for Harlem is creeping back & hopefully they come out with new material soon,so they can come tour in LA...this acoustic version of Tila and I is amazing! Hope you enjoy it. 


(images via Oracle Fox)
Anja Konstantinova photographed by Ben Morris. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012


(June cover for S Moda’s)
is such a babe! Her boots in the first photo are just too rad!  


A Hungarian film maker, artist, photographer, & sculptures who made Paris his home & the place where his creativity thrived to produce beautiful art.  Taking part of some extraordinary changing times in modern art.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Irina Lazareanu

(images via Stylelikeu)
has this timeless elegance to her, her apartment looks total bad ass (even though this photos aren’t so recent). 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


(all images via Pinterest & Tumblr)
is finally here, & I hope y’all get to dance endless nights underneath the moon and stars, always keep an open mind!Having many adventures & venturing new territories! 


(images via anthonylukephotography)
was a revolutionary & amazing artist, just look at his photographs! 

Monday, June 18, 2012


I first heard of Cab20 last year a couple of weeks prior to Fmly fest, they’re sound is pretty wicked, & I can’t wait to hear a full album by them.  Any who this song was played in Shark Tank, (I wouldn’t know since I hardly watch any television) which is awesome since they’re a Southern California band. Hope you enjoy todays song of the day! 


These are all photographs of Saturday night….we(Trisha, Janeth, Alejandro) went to some bar/venue in K-Townnnnn (Korea Town) where I danced & drank the night away with great company, & as usual I over talked but heyyy who doesn’t enjoy a conversation with a drunk girl. We saw the performance of Cab 20 (which we hope to interview for ya’ll soon!) & Moondog Orchestra. P.S. I got a hair cut!!! xo