Friday, July 29, 2011

Im blonde

now, thanks to my friend Mikol(who does great hair work). I won’t stay blonde for long eventually i want to have pink hair, & then go back to brown (you probably could care less). Any who last Saturday I went downtown for a lovely little adventure. I love downtown it’s such a diversity of individuals from social class/racial/cultural. And there are so many neat places/things to see explore, I was just snapping pictures for my photo class in Chinatown, Olvera Street, Little Tokyo (found some groovy round sunglasses & its super d duper hard for me to find glasses that go with my circular face). I encourage you to go visit downtown LA (or your local downtown) be open minded to other cultures/try new things/step out of your comfort zone & have a random adventure. xoxo 

G vs B

 Gorilla vs.Bear Festival images.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will

Now I write when I'm away, letters that you'll never read
You said go explore those other women, the geography of their bodies, but there's just one map you'll need
You're a boomerang you'll see
You will return to me

-Bright Eyes
Images via Akila Berjaoui.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I had this crazy ass dream a couple nights ago about something I was blogging and it was epic but when I woke up I had forgotten what it was but I know it had to do with sex and different stages, I guess?
I guess the different stages is what made the blog in my dream epic because I had the words for it and now I can't really's not so much stages as to different types? IDK I will try to explain.

Fucking. A good fuck. That one night stand. Fucking your ex boyfriend when he has a girlfriend. Sex while "fucking" is different. There is no emotional connection. It is what is. Unless it was an extremely good fuck, you keep in touch you make it just a booty call or things happen...
And when, IF it does happen, it better happen to the both of you. Or else one of you is FUCKED.

Depending on the person though. Sex With the Ex is a great example. It's amazing. Your ex knows everything about you. What makes you moan and want more. What position to get you in to make you come. How to dirty talk to you . Even where to spit on you. You know, things like that but it's risky. It's risky because you never know if that cuddling session after the mind blowing fuck is fucking with just your head or maybe, just maybe, messing with his a bit. And then when he tells you he has a girlfriend you try to pretend like "whatever, it's just sex". But the next time you're at it you're looking into his eyes, with your bodies connected to one another with similarity and you cling on to him with lost passion and hunger for it to revive. And then as you're laying in his arms again, the familiar scent of him as you lay your head on his chest, and him stroking your hair, knowingly feeding you lies to spare your feelings, your stomach gets that feeling in the pit of it and you remember why you hate being there on his bed more than anything else in the world.

Then you promise yourself no matter how good it feels, you're not gonna do it again no matter how good the sex is then he calls you to see if you're free Tuesday and you say yes, as a matter of fact you are...

You'll find somebody else, eventually. The sex will be great and not only that, you wont be just a hot piece of ass to them but you'll feel the connection with them all the time. The sex will be the best. You'll feel a connection when he's in you, even if it's dirtiest kind of sex, you'll feel safe with him. And one day you'll remember how it was never this way before and you'll feel 100x better knowing that you've found your other half. You'll feel so comfortable with your body entwined with his. When you look into his eyes and now that both of your souls are there, in that moment. Both of your hearts are beating to each others music.

And then long after, you'll remember how much it hurt to see the wrong person for you leave. How much you cried and realize how beautiful it is now when the right person is by your side holding on to you, loving you for you.

Sex is sex and the person you're doing it with doesn't really matter the outcome of you coming, but just the emotion put into it. You can block out emotions for one night stands, you can block out emotion with your ex, but you can't block out emotions with someone that's feeling them right back.

I don't know what's the point of this blog but there something in here that needed to be said, or at least I feel like it did. If you understand it, then thanks. If not, leave me suggestions. I feel like it's all over the place...

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Hasisi Park

Im growing to appreciate photography more & more each day, anywho Hasisi Parks photos are pretty groovy. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


One can agree to disagree with Mr. Picasso. What’s art anyways? 

Sunday, July 24, 2011


 Im blessed for being born an american female in this 21st century, (for so many reasons) & regardless of the fact that there will always be some potential sexist fuckers/close minded idiots out there, i love being a women! This world would be better if all women were feminists (we need to stand up for ourselves & the rights that other women in the past were stripped off from). Any who, Kim Gordon is just so fucken awesome (one of my idols)& the  definition of girlpower!!! Feel free to comment what ever is in your mind after reading this short rambling of thoughts.xoxo

Friday, July 22, 2011


 Free People’s August Lookbook photographed by Guy Aroch.


I can’t wait for their up coming album, their song “vomit” has the power to put a  musical spell on who ever listens to it(well at least to me it has to the point of having it on reply for the past 3 days). It’s such a beautiful song, so listen to it!!!

Take a hike

nature is fun, & beautiful. Here are a couple of pictures from last Saturday. In which I spent the day with Ernie having a couple of adventures which included; hiking/conversing on life, going to some G-ed out pizzeria, fake mustaches, falling while running across random streets, & then hitting the town with a bunch of wonderful men(and being called a hagfag at the end of the night).