Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yours truly.... xo

Hellooooo World.
It's Murphy Nicolas Zo hacking my homegirls blog. So i am hella bored in my tight american apparel ribcage underwear, long legs extended, sucking on a cold big stick as my tongue slowly reaches the top while this hot heat makes it drip down my chin. hahah so I'm just kidding my fat ass is eating some dorritos with tapatio. So let me introduce myself i am a mixture of Melisa and Trisha. I'm a crazy alcoholic bitch with good outlooks in life, just someone who basically wants to spread positive vibes to everybody i meet. I'm just a mashup of those two girls but with a dick. I am remember-able I am not easy to forget. i just have a lot of personality and i dont give a fuck half of the time. the other half of the time i am 5150. Some people think I'm annoying or a hot mess i don't care because you either don't have a sense of humor or you lack personality, or maybe your man questioned if he saw what he liked. I'll just do a Nicki Minaj and just shit on you. I truly wish i could share a story about myself but i srsly need permission. i want to give my outlook and give something relate-able. well i'll just start off with this one.

The work field full of bitches!
i work with girls, to tell you the truth it's a pain in the ass sometimes, i just feel like my job should have a dildo in one of those emergency glass, and they should break it if they know they're gonna have a meano ass bad day, and just take it to the restroom and finish the deal. i love just three of the girls there, they're laid back and one of the girl there gives me treats *I'm 420 friendly #legalizeweed* but there's just one i really wanna throw down the stairs and say "she, she just fell" shes 40 and swears she is 20. ho reality check your gut hangs farther then your ass. who you fooling! Giiiiirl, wat chu need is a mirror! *flips weave* . As much as i hate my job at times. i gotta admit i grown a connection with my bosses i have no idea if it's because i swear I'm asian at times or because they buy me lunch, every fatty likes free food, can i hear an amen! *amen*. Point being sometimes i wish i wasn't the only boy there, and they hired some guys, but bro looking guys who would smoke me out in the car at lunch and then ask me to do things to them because they are curious. Hahah who am i kidding that will just be a fantasia of mine.

BEWARE: i have a huge imagination.

This Entry was an attempt, boring or interesting, dgaf. And Trisha and Melisa dgaf if you guys are mad if i hacked. LALALA

And I'll add a picture of myself too make it picante. Owwww! yes I'm Gay *obvio duhh* and guys if you're wondering if I'm single the answer is yes. Hahahah jk. I'm sick in love and my boyfriend would not approve of me saying that, so I'll say this i LOVE you Senor M!


  1. he is so cute. i want him ;)

  2. never you know i love ya bbgurl, feel free to blog anytime you want!