Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Music Junky

I lovve music! Theres a tons of great music out there just that sometimes we don’t know about it, thats why i refuse to listen to radio music with the exceptions of KXLU, KSPC, NPR. I like classical rock music, to hip hop to current bands im basically open to any kind of music. I discover new aritst by reading music blogs such as gorilla vs. bear, Pitchfork, Polaroids of Android, etc. So if your a music junky or have a passion for music and love searching for new artist or having a huge selection of some of your favorite artist i highly recomend you get a Spotify(it’s sort of like Pandora but way way better), I did today and i must say im in love with this site/streaming service even though i yet don’t know how to use it properly yet. So if your bored and want to do something progeressive and fun with your time get one its free and an awesome site!

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