Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pros & Cons to FYF

(reason why i put up this odd picture was due to the fact that i was bored and im still without my camera so i was taking pictures via photo booth prior this post, i wanted to make it more personal, + i look all yellow and mellow)
Im a libra & as a libra i like having an equality balance on things & knowing both sided of a situation/story. So this Saturday is FYF fest, and if your from the LA area im sure your probably going or are familiar with it. Well im iffy about it i mean im familiar with the music of all the artist performing and I would so totally go but like everything this year FYF has its pros and cons. I attended last years festival and this years just seams so much more mainstream, I remember two three years ago no one knew about it, but now even my mother wants to go. So here are my Pros & Cons to this year in case your iffy about going like yours truly or simply read to prepare your self for some of the shit that goes on. 
Pros: +
+Great music great bands for only $40
+Networking, you get to meet make new friends who are into the same music as you.
+Can hit up some after parties, and trust me there will be tons!
+You can probably find a flossin(hotty McHot) dude/girl to make out with. 
+Its easier to buy drugs than to purchase alcohol if your under 21.

Cons: -
-The heat, if you go super-d-dupper early it will suck trust me!(so wear lots and lots of sun screen!!)
-They high jack the prices of water and food like any festival.
-Parking is a bitch so carpool with friends (trunk it) take public  transpiration, or bike it.
-You can’t sneak in alcohol or food, because they pat you down head to toe, but you can sneak in some drugs if you hide them in the correct places ;) 
-Its going to be packed this year and full of people who probably fake they like the music just to fit into the whole indie/hipster scene which is driving me nuts. 

So those are my basic pros & cons, but if you go have fun & be safe because the line up is pretty sweet, i would so go and wouldn’t complain about t if i were to receive some free tickets but i’m not...unless you read this and want to buy my ticket and i would love you 4 my entire life time. xoxo 


  1. you try soo hard hunny.
    Maybe one day you'll realize this isn't what matters.

  2. Its my pov mixed with sarcasm, but thanks for the read #anonymous.