Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Image by Tomáš Orbán
It occurred to me that were quite silly (human)beings…being a 21st century citizen of the universe and living in American soil, im exposed to loads of media/propaganda, most all garbage, ads everywhere (online, billboards,  newspapers) trying to appeal to me…but what I found silly is that I (we) constantly change or do some routinely ritual procedures to appear a certain way, I dye my hair which is a drag, I wake up and put on my make up, get dressed, paint my nails, all that jazz and I fix my self to “look good” but is it  for me or others….its rare for someone to be naturally gorgeous(without makeup/clothes), or so we are raised to believe, instead we get told what beauty is & how we can obtain it. The media sells us  artificial image of beauty along with loads of products (what is truly beauty).  What if we all just roamed around naked, or altered for a natural approach wouldn’t this be great, instead of focusing on the outer layers of our skin, (how we looked)we would focus on our inner spirit, our inner reality,  figuring out who we really are…our inner fears, dreams, & endless potential to love! 

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