Friday, May 24, 2013


1. Don't be friends on Facebook.
2. Every time you hook up, don't feel special. IT'S JUST SEX.
3. Don't subtweet or post statuses like "him<3" on Facebook.
4. Don't suck his dick unless he eats you out first.
5. If you start catching a feeling, stop the fling, for he is no longer just your "fuck buddy".
6. If you start catching a feeling for someone else, the fling must end as well, only because if the sex is that amazing its gonna be super hard to let it go once you start dating the new guy.
7. Rule number 6 doesn't apply unless you're okay with being a player.
8. Always have fun!!! so if you want to try anything, do it. Never be shy. IT'S JUST SEX, so make it nasty.
9. Always, always. ALWAYS use a condom. Ain't nobody got time for accidents. 
10. If someone tells you "oooh I hear yr fucking _______" remember to DENY IT ALL THE WAY.

Xo. 💋

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