Monday, February 27, 2012


  It's Trisha here and it's been for fucking ever since I've blogged but I got fired from my job so now I can blog again since I'll have all the time in the world. I have no idea why I got fired but I have a theory and I'll share it with you all since I don't have a life again.
  So, I've never really had a job before and this was my first job. I got all into it, showing up on time, going the extra mile for my client, and over all just super enthusiastic and I'm sure my boss saw that. And the pregnant hoe who trained me as well -__- So during training, the pregnant hoe told me if I ever needed help or anything to just call/text her and she'll see what she can do. So my first week there, my boyfriend had my phone and I was like "hey text dat pregnant hoe to see if my schedule changed". She didn't reply. But the next time I worked the boss asked me why my boyfriend was texting her that she's married so it's unproffesional and I was like WTF?! She must've told him he was hitting on her or some bullshit but I figured I'd keep my mouth shut about it and just be like "It wont be happen again, boss sauce."
  Time goes on, and I start getting good tips(I'm a massage therpist, BTW) and getting requests so the doctor tells me he wants me to start training to work the pregnant hoe's job while she's away on maternity leave so I do it. And during this time we become super cool and he tells me he doesn't hire men and I'm like cool story bro, just pay me. So I learn how to work the desk while still doing massage. One day this sneaky pregnant cunt asks me to massage her so I do. While in the treatment room, SHE asked ME how much he was paying me to work the front so I replied $10. She was like "Oh me too". And she was like how much is he paying me for massage? I told her and she was like "Ohh that's cool. I was making bank when I was working the desk and massage" and I was like "Yeeeah??! That's good."Anyways, I finish my shift and jam.
  NEXT time I come into work, the boss tells me he needs to speak to me. I go and talk to him and he yells at me saying it was unprofessional for talking about wages because some people have been here longer and I was just like O_O the whole time. Like I can't fathom someone finishing a conversation with somebody and then going to tell the boss some bullshit story? Like how does this even happen? Like did she text him saying I asked her? Did she tell him as soon as I was done? Like who does that?? It doesn't make any sense to me.So he gives me a new schedule and gives me shitty shifts. I asked him if he gave them to me because I suck or what. He replied "You're an excellent therapist. My patients love you. It's your behavior outside the office. It's something personal(or something along those lines)." I was like whatever. I didn't want to play the he said/she said stuff. I figured I'd just judge pregnant hoe by myself. After this incident, one of the ladies working at the office told me "Hey you got introuble huh" and I was like "yeeah." And she's like "You're the first person he hires that like wears bright colors and nice makeup and I can tell you that some of the other girls are jealous of you or don't like you. Be careful who you talk to" And I told it was a little too late for that -____-
Soooo, I work the Sunday after on a Valentines day promo and I'm like okay feels good to work. And like the the following Monday he made my co worker call me to to tell me to check my email and see this:
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Followed by this:
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So after that I was like, I'll just text him saying thanks for the opportunity. I would've gave a call but since he didn't call me to fire me or do it in person, I figured a text was my best option. Notice he doesn't text back or give me a good job or a you go girl (Simpsons fans will get this joke)Image and video hosting by TinyPic
As you can see, I wasn't a sour Betty or anything of that nature.
So I didn't end up going in because I had a job interview that day so I was like I'll go pick it up whenever I can. Then I receive this text while I was cruising around the 909 area with Mel.
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So I was like yo Mel, can you just take me and being the homegirl she is, she did take me. I owe her some FroYo whenever I get employed. Or i'll eat a steak in front of her and tell her how yummy it is since she's vegetarian.
So I get off, I return the shirts, and the keys. And I tell him that my sister tossed the GC's in the trash. I was really sorry about that. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal since we had GC's from Christmas and he didn't ask us to return them. They can't be redeemed unless it's signed by a therapist on the back. Anyways, he was being a diva and I was like well I'm sorry. So he releases my check and I shake his hand and thank him and walk out. I open it to see it's only $35!!!
I was sooo pissed. Okay so I suck at math but I got paid 35 cents/minute. I massaged 3 people for 50 minutes. 150 minutes x .35 is $52.50. I then call him to tell him of the error and he doesn't answer so I leave a voicemail telling him there's an error and he doesn't reply. I send him a text(as seen above) and he doesn't reply so I go back in there and tell him there's an error and he was like I'm busy with patients. And I was like I'll wait. So then I'm waiting and he texts me he can't find my log sheet(as seen above). That's when shit got real and I sent this.
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That's when I was like oh hell noooooooo! because now it's MY work being involved. So you can read my reply and then his. I didn't bother replying to him because all of a sudden the GC's are a problem to him even though he ended up releasing my check.
In addition to my $52.50, I have some unpaid time to me working at the desk. It adds up to an  hour or so, so I'm gonna tell him about that too since I had forgotten until I checked my email and noticed that that too, wasn't included in my last paycheck.
As for him not being able to find my log sheet, we write our hours on a time sheet and photo copy them before we turn in our hours to him. I got fired, therefore I wasn't in the office since he didn't do it in person so I had no way of making a photocopy BUT we use google calendar to schedule our appointments and proof of who I worked on will be there, but I decided it's best to settle this in person.
I kinda wanna link his facebook "like" page so you guys can all be like PaY dAt B!tCh H3r $$$ since I will never use him as a reference. Or so that you can all go give him bad reviews on yelp lol but I wont.
I will be going in today (Monday) to settle this business and I will keep you guys posted.
Stay fierce. xo

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