Tuesday, February 21, 2012


 It’s rare when all four of us get to all hang out, but this past Sunday my three closest friends and I had a fun/drunken night out. 
A random doodle by me. 
 Chado!!! The best tea room in Southern California, they have the most amazing selection of teas, the best tomato soup, its just an all around dream tea room.
Green coconut vanilla tea, Yum.
Saw this poster outside a pet shop, it gave me a good laugh. 
A lovely pink Australian cacatua inside the pet shop.
 more random doodles. 
Stopped by WholeFoods & picked up a mystic mango Kombucha. 
 I had a late Valentines lunch date with my beloved friend Ernie, OneWorld has amazing vegan food!
 After lunch we went to some local thrift-store where i fell in love with the cutest dog purse. 
I like random objects...Stay Puft. I wonder who the original owner was. 

 I’m not a fan of Hollywood but I went the other day, with Ernie. 
“In Bunnies we Trust” I have a thing for cheesy things. 
 The MoCa has an amazing exhibition right now, they have a wall (small room) detected to Black Flag’s visual artwork
I’ll try to do more personal photo posts of shows, & fun events I attend. I need to start taking more pictures via my camera, I got it back after months of waiting for its flash repair and now that its back in my possession I hardly use it. 

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