Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Opposites attract but they never last.
Is that true? Because it's  been  keeping me up for the past couple of nights and I just thought I'd spill my thoughts into a blog.
She's an alcoholic. He's a stoner.
She loves classic horror films. He likes those dumb animated kiddie movies.
She loves The Beatles. He loves Zeppelin.
She's never been in a committed relationship. He was with a broad for 6 years.
She's never lived with a partner. He lived with that same broad 6 years.
She's recovering. He doesn't want help...
She stays up all night. He wake up early as hell.
She's never had to work a day in her life. He's worked since he was 18.
She grew up in a nice neighborhood. He grew up in the hood.
She drinks and becomes everyone's bff. He drinks and gets violent and angry.
She loves the sun. He loves the moon.
She partied her ass off in high school. He was too busy with that broad to really ever party.
She loves her friends with all her heart. He doesn't believe in "friends".
Do they make the relationship interesting for the time being and in time, do we realize that the time we invested in each other only opened our eyes to what we really want...or don't?
Does it prepare us for what we will avoid in the future?
Can we really change ourselves to exploring things we find totally uninteresting to adjust to our lovers need? Or are we avoiding the inevitable by sticking around telling ourselves things will get better, when really nothings changed.
But then again...
She loves him. He loves her.
She has opened up her heart to him. He got in.
She built walls. He tore them down.
She sees a cockroach. He kills it for her.
She scared to be go fast on the freeway. He drives the speed limit now.
She always puts her seatbelt on. Now he puts his seatbelt on all the time.
She wears makeup. He never liked girls with tons of makeup.
She thinks she's gross without makeup. He likes to smear her makeup ;]
She doesn't think her body is all that. He worships her body.
She wants to make this work. He wants to make it work.
She really does love him & doesn't want to give up. He's giving up...
&She doesn't want him to be right.
p.s. he gives great head. what's a girl to do?!!!
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