Wednesday, November 9, 2011


past > present < future

gut instinct. follow it. don't follow it. trust. don't care about anybody. only care about yourself because nobody probably gives a shit about you anyways. be fun. be festive. be spontaneous. 4x a year. NOT cool. enjoy it. regret it. take pictures. read his text messages. swallow. wish you never met him. don't eat tomatoes. fake it. then go enjoy it. boss sauce. let him put it in your butt. let him lick your anus. miss him.take my hand, it's better now together... be grateful. look back. bury the tooth of the hydra and the skeleton army will rise. cry. LOL. epic meal time.drink by yourself. cuddle. cuddle fuddle.DRAKE DRAKE DRAKE<3. weezy. and nicki minaj. wrap your legs around his waist. come at the same time. feel it drip down your crack. A$$/CULO. this doesn't make no sense...word salad. i'm sorry :/ put the pieces together...

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