Saturday, October 1, 2011


Here she is. A year later. Same position. Doggystyle. Anal. Bathroom. Different guy. And she remembers that day and the way he followed her up the stairs. She knew he wanted her soooo bad but this time it was a different. And she played along. He was surprised. They laughed about what happened. How they almost got caught. How funny it was. Until SHE called. Then he left her. And she waited and waited and let go. And now she's here. Something new. Something fresh. Something different yet so familiar...Is she happy? Or faking it like the orgasms shes been having lately? Why does everything so bad feel so damn good yet in the end, it all hurts like a motherfucker when it's time to pick up the pieces and and keep on truckin'. It's ridiculous. He knows it. She knows. Even SHE knows it. But it took until now to realized how SHE feels. SHE feels exactly like her. Wants him. Needs him. Will fuck herself over to try and tame him...And SHE has him. And she has him. But she's up all night. And he's up all night. But maybe, just maybe...all over again.

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