Saturday, August 20, 2011


Trish Doesn't Lie!!
Me- "Wow that was great sex..."
You- "Can you get it up again?"
Me- "Wait..what?"

Her name is Trisha and I fuckin love her
Feeling manipulative I need to posses her
She's fucking special and I doubt I'd keep her
But if she left I'd be the biggest fucking loser

I've got so much pride
So I think Trisha fucking lies
Now that I realize
This comes as no surprise

I've become obsessed and I fear I'll lose her
Became controlling and that's why I lost her
I felt lonesome cause I couldn't fuck her
I'm so attached now that I'm in love with her

I've been so blind
Cause Trisha doesn't lie
Just couldn't see it
I've been so full of shit
I'll make her happy
Until the end of me

--RiRi Gibson
He wrote that one for me on my birthday. I love it. Trisha doesn't lie? Get it.

Never Fell For Your Type
Loud and obnoxious
I've never felt so nautious
You're persistant with difference
Yet I seem to not have resistance
You're deffinitely not the girl I'd fall for
But for some strange reason now's different than before

You speak your mind not giving a fuck
Go out with friends drink, party, live it up
Don't care who you hurt as long as it ain't your friends
'Cause baby they've got your back to the very fucking end
I usually never fall for your type
But I know you're the love of my life

Quiet and stubborn
Usually hang out to observe
I seen you from a distance

Showing no signs of resistance
Finding that your the type that I stood away from
But that night I must've just been playing dumb

I just want you to know
I never fell for your type
So one thing must be for sure

I'm gonna keep you til the end of time
(You're the love of my life) 

--RiRi Gibson 

And that's another one he wrote to me.  I love it. As always<3 Yes, I know there's spelling and some grammar mistakes but I don't wanna change it if that's how he wrote it.

My boyfriend pretty much rocks. He's so cute...always writing me things like this. I'm so in looooove, and it sucks because the point of this blog was for me to blog about stuff that I used to be all about and now I met this guy and I'm crazy in love :O He does the littlest things and it puts the biggest smile on my face, even if we argue/fight 90% of the time. I love you Riri :]

Have you guys ever had a guy/girl make you feel complete and give you butterflies for the little things he/she does?



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