Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So over the weekend, I had a birthday like no other. I got drunk(of course) but I got beyond drunk and there was this huge sticky mess that I got myself into. I don't remember what was said or done because I was that plastered but I do know that I offended the people that I care about the most that I would never ever wanna hurt. EVER. So I decided I would write my friend appreciation post now. Because I really love them. And if I wasn't to have them in my life anymore, it'd kill me. So of course I have my boyfriend that I love and I adore but he's his own category and I wanna discuss my 3 friends and sister.

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Where do I begin with this girl? So I met Ernie in back in junior high, seventh grade. We were both fat and in journalism and he always kind of had some sort of swagg to him and I kinda thought he was cute but I had a feeling he was gay. Anyways, we became really good friends, being fat and nerdy. The whole journalism crew quit once and we had to carry out all the work. We were really into it ahahaha. Anyways, I left in 8th grade and we reunited in highschool and we stuck with each other but it wasn't until 10th grade when we really started hanging out at lunch and stuff. He didn't like me too much anymore. He said Murphy and I were narcissistic and vain AHAHAHA. And then the following year he came out of the closet and became twice as narcissistic and vain and MEAN! But either way, through our ups and downs, I LOVE THIS BITCH. I know he's the only friend whose farts I can smell, who I can let abuse me, and gets drunk on my level (most of the time).  We can relate on a lot of different subjects, especially on subjects that come up at 3 in the morning. He's the friend I know that even if we don't talk on a daily basis, or see each other often, the moment we need one another it's like "Who do  I have to kill bitch?!" and I'm glad he's still be my side after all this time. I've known him longer than any of my friends. I love you Ernie :]

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Oh Mel. Where do I start with this girl? Well I knew she'd be my girl for life when we met in high school at a party. We kept going back for jungle juice together and I was like "okayyy, she can hang with drinking on my level". Either way, I still thought she dressed weird but she could drink so it was ok. I used to think she was a priscy rich bitch but naaah, she's as hood as me as it turned out. Anyways, we started hanging out and partying and she was the total opposite of me but we would always drink and it brought us closer. I knew she wasn't like most girls...until she stole my date at a party -___- But she bought me Wingstop, and all was forgiven. I love this girl. She took me out to bust missions and I can say i NEED this bitch in my life. I can complain and I know she'll listen or pretend to care. And then she'll give me some positive vibes and advice. Like seriously, she has my back 100% of the way. If it wouldn't have been for her, I probably wouldn't be with my boyfriend. She always thinks before she acts and I wish I could be half as smart as she is. She'll definitely be a bridesmaid at my wedding. Fur shur. Love ya Mel!

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My big sister Tawnys. She's my hero. I'm 100% sure OUR lives wouldn't be the way they are if she wouldn't have stood up for me the way she did. Doing that changed our lives and I'm pretty sure she'd be dead and I would've committed suicide. We been through a lot of fights, but like family we've managed to stick together. We've gotten really close recently to the point I can call her one of my best friends. She understands me a lot and I can always ask her for input on half the shit I do or feel like doing. She's been there, done that, got this hat so she always has something to say. Like I said, she's kind of my hero. She's so pretty and half the time she doesn't even know it. She puts family first before herself and I think she deserves to spoil herself rotten so I don't judge her that she's an online shopping addict :P I promise when I'm rich and have $$$ I'm buying her Nissan Xterra or any of the mom cars she likes with a Chevy Silverado, lifted, for the weekends :] I love you sister.

Hmm, am I missing somebody? Because I think those are all the people that matter most.
Oh wait...

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Best Friend. I don't give a fuck if you're those people that say "Oh best friends aren't la la I don't get laid much" because best friends ARE real and I've seen it with this bitch. I can honestly say he's my other half. If he dies, I die. There's no way I could ever live life without him. He gets me like no one else. Like seriously. We have conversations on the phone where we're like if the world knew what the fuck we're talking about they'd send us to the crazy house...and want to get frisked by the officers ;] Because we never play the victim, we rather play the coppers. Anywaaaaaays, fuck I love this guy. Like seriously there's a reason he was born gay and I was born fat, cos we'd be pornstars if we both girls, fur shur. But yeah, he's been there for me through all the toughest parts of my life. Aside from that, he's been there with open arms and a 4loko to make me feel better. We've only have had ONE fight in our whole friendship and it was in 10th grade over some stupid guy lol. Other than that, we've pretty much stuck with each other. I love Murphy. And I have taken him for granted when a boy comes around, and this weekend really sucked but I hope he knows no guy can ever come between us and I'll prove it to him. Only thing that I will ever choose over Murphy is wingstop, because that shit is tasty. But other than that, I love this guy to death. I need him more than I need wine and whiskey. Or Or any other materialistic thing. I've always told guys if you're dating me, you're dating him and I'm sure that's why a lot of guys can't hang with me because I mean that, literally. I don't even know what to say about him because he's that special. Our bond is that special. I don't even get it. We pick on each other half the time, and sometimes we pick getting laid over hanging out but, we're best friends. And that's the way it'll always be. You bet your ass I get jealous when I see him hanging around with a girl I don't know. I'm like Fox News. I'd fight for him in an instant and I don't care if I come off as an obsessive creepy bitch towards him but I LOVE YOU BITCH and you think I'm crazy? I'll show you crazy ;] I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I WOULDN'T LOSE YOU FOR ANYTHING OR ANYONE IN THE WORLD(except wingstop!) Mwaaah :*

All in all, I love all my homegirls. Without one, my life is unbalanced. I love them to death and I hope they know I don't take them for granted, ever. And I don't love one more than the other...okay maybe I love Murphy a little more :P Just kidding :]


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