Tuesday, December 10, 2013


For some reason i’ve been longing to visit and experience the beauty of the grand canyon & the endless desert. Thanks to Greg I was able to fulfill my desert dreams. To our great fortune we couldn’t see nothing of the Grand Canyon due to heavy fog (which only occurs once a decade at the end of November). I was a bit bummed, yet I enjoyed the thick fogg and winter like conditions in the park... as we drove away from the Grand Canyon State Park, we captured a glimpsed of the Canyon...so we stopped for a closer glance. And the view was breathtaking. The next day we went to Sedona, which had majestic red canyons all around....we ventured the town for a bit, and as we drove back to LA we decided to stop by Las Vegas. Were I got carried away with one too many drinks,and I forgot half the night! As we left Vegas, we passed by an abandoned water park that looked too fascinating to simply pass by, so we stopped and found rad art all around the buildings walls. Facing reality (work/school) was a hard hit but I had an amazing adventurous trip. 

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