Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The first time my eyes laid sight on a Jeffrey Cheung creation was last year via a a black lung zine ….the strange old men figures with no shame in their nature gave me fuzzy feelings, they’re awkwardness stands and faces appealed to me, for aren’t we all a bit awkward in our own ways (who are we to judge others) these old balding men who appear a bit like molesters yet they seem to mean no harm. Perhaps they’re reminders that we all will one day end up old and with weird looking private parts, so fuck it live now before your old and end up  with a funky private. (my personal interpretation) Any who I like these awkward men,then I encountered them a 2nd time on the walls of an Oakland warehouse/venue and then I decided to look up more on the artist behind these figures. Jeffrey Cheung is not only an artist but he’s also a member of Meat Market a rad garage band from the bay area. So if they ever go to your city check them out and ask about these gnarly shameless figurines.

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