Sunday, November 18, 2012


Time doesn’t stop for no one, regardless of your social status, looks or the people you might know  life is life and it’s a beautiful mysterious cycle, often times it takes you by surprise & BaAnNg  before you know it, you either grow old or death strikes. Yet I’ve realized the importance of taking life day by day, appreciating the beauty of living day by day and the importance of appreciating the small things… the hidden beauty of  each individual day, may it via connections, interactions, nature, expressions. Through my mystic dreams and past encounters this week I’ve realized that I need to once again get into my spiritual path & I’ve developed this thirst for a deeper understanding of reality and the present, I hope to better express my inner emotions in a positive light & I urge any of my readers to question things/institutions/lifestyles & embrace the present for the now is all we have. And I highly suggest you give AcidMotherTemle&TheMeltingParaisoU.F.O a listen because they’re just fucking amazing beyond words. 

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