Friday, July 6, 2012

un interview

Last Thursday I got the opportunity of interviewing Erik Contreras, drummer of Cab 20, and Triple Dog Dare. Not only is he in two bands, hes also gotten drumming lessons from  Ginger Baker’s son & to top his coolness of he never attended High School ! Hope you enjoy this short interview and check out his current music projects here Cab20 & Triple Dog Dare!

Q?: What are your musical inspirations?
Right now a lot of Jazz. Old 50’s & 60’s Jazz Psychedelic recent band like Dahga Bloom, & Entrance Band.

Q?: If you could spend one day with any one from the present or the past who would it be & why?
Hunter S. Thompson, I think it would be a fun time he’s just out there.Also Cameron Crowe.

Q?: Favorite venue to perform?
Venues, which treat us the best, Lot 1 and Redwood, they treat the bands really nice, but the best show with a built in crowd that we performed would probably be The Smell.

Q?: First Concert you’ve ever attended?
First time seeing a band and thinking they’re cool would be Los Lobos. They have some good Rock n’ Roll stuff my dad calls them the Mexican Rolling Stones

Q?: How did you guys get the gig at Sharktank?
Our manager got it for us, he knows one of the executive producers to the show. The whole thing was more for exposure; I didn’t really want to be in the show.

Q?: Favorite mainstream artist?
Like popular artist…is Mgmt mainstream?

Q?: Do you believe in UFO’s ?
Yes, me and my brothers talk about it all the time.

Q? What inspires you in your creative field?
Seeing other musicians, I like seeing other musicians doing something crazy different that no one else is doing and that pushes me to want to do something else even crazier than what they’re doing. And also listening to a lot of music

Q?: What do you love and hate about living in Los Angeles?
I love all the music that’s out here, all the venues you can play, seams like every night there’s some really cool band playing somewhere. I hate promoters I book  a lot of bands my bamds and promoters don’t know how to treat bands they don’t know how to pay a band. A band shows up from far away and they cut their set and give them 15 minutes and originally they had an hour that’s my only complain.

Q?: Where would you love to live?

New Zealand or Austria I think it be really nice to live in the middle of nowhere just the nature and beautiful landscape. 

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