Sunday, January 29, 2012


Our favorite sushi on a budget joint, its decoration is uber-chessey but it always makes one feels at home.
Random Crow
 dam right its what’s on the inside that counts!
 Trisha & I went thrifting the other day and I found some neat Vinyl’s and a little red purse. 
Afterwards Trish and I went to TacoNazo a local Mexi. restaurant where they serve the best fish tacos in town!
(they look gross but they’re heaven in your mouth if your a fish taco person) 
 Some local show where the bands performed underground in some pool. (lighting for pictures was bad) 

Random art by me.

went to Los Globos to check out some local band with the homeboy Nick. 

I really doubt anyone is interested in this blog, for its merrily a bunch of randomness. Regardless its a form of diary and one day if i’m ever old and gray ill look back at my youthful interests and non-sences. Thus these are all random photographs of the things i’ve seen this month.

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